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  "Midnight in the Garden"          $68

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Size: 26'' x 38''  (66 cm x 97 cm)               only one available

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Pendleton virgin wool


Another BLACK Pendleton wool rug, even though the photos do not render the true color. This one has Solmate sock scraps in it, and the colors are outstanding - lime green with purple, purple and gold, burnt orange, forest green - the more you look, the more you see, yet they seem subdued in this rug. You want to lie down on this rug, and take a closer look. Go ahead; it's soft and cushy.

This is like belly flowers - you have to get down on your belly to get a good look.

Multi-colored warp threads are also visible if you get down close. A fun rug for the grandkids.

Washing direction:

Wash in cold water on a delicate cycle. Avoid the spin cycle. Air dry flat, or hang over a railing. Keep out of direct sunlight. Shake only when rug is dry, holding as much rug as possible with both hands to distribute the weight. Do not shake by holding just the corners - grab a large area in the middle of the rug. It can also be hung over a line, or railing, and gently 'beaten' to loosen dirt, and fluff. Remember, wool shrinks by agitation - never put in a dryer, even on an air only cycle. Wool is an incredibly durable fiber, and will give you many years of service with good care. If you live long enough to wear out one of these rugs, it can be re-woven, and can look amazingly good. Warp threads wear out long before the weft is ready to retire.